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Shower Enclosures & Trays

Shower enclosures come in two basic varieties.  The right enclosure for your bathroom is one that combines the look you prefer with a size and shape that suits your room.

  • Framed enclosures are sturdy and economical.  Most use a lighter-weight glass type than is used in their frameless counterparts.
  • Frameless enclosures are very popular because their relative lack of hardware creates clean, elegant lines.

Another important characteristic of a shower enclosure is its shape.

  • D-shaped enclosures fit against one flat wall, curving away and back from the wall.
  • Quadrant enclosures fit into corners.  Their sides may be curved or angled.
  • Square and rectangular enclosures can be used almost anywhere, and are frequently found in alcoves.
  • Walk-in enclosures typically consist of a large showering area shielded by a screen.

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