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A new desire to spend more time in our bathrooms has driven our demand for attractive spaces.  Like our living and dining rooms, bathrooms are places where we can express our personal taste.

Here are just some of the styles of bathroom suite you can find at a William Wilson bathroom showroom.

Contemporary design strives to combine art with engineering geometry, shape and form; bathrooms designed in this style incorporate the latest materials in a variety of colours.

Period and Traditional
Period and traditional styles include designs based on the experience of a historic era.  The term `period` often refers to designs that reflect a specific point in time, such as the 18th century or even the 1950s.  Traditional style typically refers to a formal style, such as Georgian, Victorian, or Arts and Crafts.

Minimalist designs reduce a subject to its essential elements.  This is accomplished by paying special attention to the connection of lines and planes, the play of light and the use of open space.


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